KlangHaus at Summerhall

Summerhall – The Home to KlangHaus in August 2014.

 endless light – endless sound

klanghaus can live anywhere.

triple frame kh

Klanghaus is going to glorious Scotland.

Klanghaus is moving to edinburgh for the month of August…… Edinburgh Fringe 2014.

Klanghaus  is a sound/art collaboration – look

blog kh

Art direction // Daughter – 4AD sessions

daughter 1

Art Direction and Paper Birds.

January 2014 . 4AD sessions at Air Studios.  Two days in the studio with Daughter and Joe Duddell.

Directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard.

visual and lighting design // films – Klanghaus

klang strip

Ongoing collaboration with The Neutrinos. Klanghaus at NS+V at Brian’s Haus. Inception -September 2013.


The room goes very big and very small with slides, data projections and animations. Music is performed very loud and very quiet.

KlangHaus blends experimental electronica, artrock, improvisation, stories and soundscapes with black out and re-shaped rooms using block graphics and moving image, visual illusions, shadow and light.

Informal interaction with the audience – among them, before them and behind them.

Find further imagery in art direction, klanghaus,  and at The Neutrinos to your right.

Artist // Art Direction – The Butcher of Common Sense

Art director, curator and visual artist for cross media music and art project.

Design and typography. Graphics and Narrative. Film and slide projection.

Ongoing – butcher of common sense is on the move . . .



Set Design // Can -The Lost Tapes.


Set Design for a series of promos accompanying Can – The Lost Tapes. [Mute]

Dir. Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard.

May 2012

Grinderman // Heathen Child

Grinderman // Heathen Child  [mute / Factory Films]

Directed by John Hillcoat


Costume for Heathen Child video and Grinderman2 promotional imagery. Stills taken from Heathen Child courtesy of mute.

For full video go here :


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