A self imposed structure for the book :

1 to 9

a graphic line …. a guide . a pace. a leitmotif

how to make the music in the pages .?

repetition and morphing.

graphic blocks and tension. direction. forwards and backwards.

2/5ths down.

a need to escape the page. from the edges. a feeling of outgrowing your skin.

censorship and stasi cues. using the discipline of the building and the building’s history.

reslice and recreate words – cut ups and concrete thoughts/ concrete texts

reconvene and rearrange. paranoia. suppress or empower .

what did we encounter that day?

layers. layers. layers. layers.

narrative layers abstract and actual

use neut scores and songmaps and roz streams  . use questions and answers . use demos and field recordings .

notes and musings .

cut ups begin abstract narratives

cinematic conventions closeups and wide shot.

beckon the viewer . . .  if they want to come.

Artbook available online at:  Bandcamp and Bigcartel.

Artbook available in store at:

Motto Berlin – Berlin. Available now in Motto. Skalitzer Straße 68, 10997 Berlin.

The Koenig Bookshop – Berlin. Available now in the Koenig branch at Burgstrasse 27. 10178 Berlin.

The Book Art Book Shop – London N1. Browse through the book and talk to the lovely Tanya Peixoto who owns the shop.

The Book Hive – Norwich NR2. Browsing copy available.


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