Art Director – Other to Endless  promo//Mute – Polly Scattergood

Art direction, lighting and costume for Polly Scattergood [Mute]

Promo for Other to Endless – Directed by Tom Henry Jones

other too endless polly scattergood

other too endless polly scattergood

Design and Direction – Pollyshed // Mute

‘Pollyshed’ for Mute for Polly Scattergood // Underage Festival – Victoria Park.

Direction, design and build. Pollyshed and mini stage area. Plus samples of the interior.

Purpose built performance space with a film box for 2, secret doors, virtual projected performers, animations, split rooms, warped rooms.

Host to Polly Scattergood, Florence and the Machine, Wild Beasts.

pollyscattergood shed

polly scattergood shed interior

Art Director – Live sessions at Treacle Studios // Mute – Polly Scattergood

Creative direction, set design & build for Polly Scattergood [Mute] live at Treacle Studios
treacle studios pollyscattergood

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