KlangHaus is a partnership  between musicians/sound artists The Neutrinos and visual artist Sal Pittman

Q trial 1 trial 2 for Q

 Photography – top images © Jonathan Blackford. Triptychs © Jonathan Blackford and Paul Blakemore –  Images are from The Small Animal Hospital – Edinburgh Fest. Fringe 2014

KlangHaus is a collaboration with buildings.

Unique to each presentation, we explore promenade close-up performance through cinematic installation for audiences in unsung spaces.

KlangHaus blends  extremes of volume and scale, electronica, layers of soundscapes, narratives, film and super- graphic projection. Like an evaporating cinema….

Further information regarding our company can be found here


Audience reactions to the initial klang outing

Stills – from klang’s first outing . . . september 2013 at brian’s haus.


largeklang projection

Brian is from Inverness.
ani still

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