InHaus Shows – A Cathartic Start to 2023

10 shows in our Klang Norwich home Dec 28th-Jan 1st 2023. Full-on loud and pin drop quiet. Folks entered the kitchen to be met by the sound of the sea and creaking of ships timbers, with a heady hit of spiced hot rum, the thick smell hanging in the air…. Mark’s red telephone ringing out , a sign to seal yer lips. The house used to be a pub…The Queens Head since 1720 until 1982….it’s seen a lot of ghosts…..a song…..’There’s a ghost in my eyes, looking out for you….’ musical saws whine, the double bass rattles our bones …..we go downstairs…. are we inside a radio? John Peel’s voice amongst the whirring airwaves….a pang of missing him. The projected colours permeate the walls, a film of the sea surges into the most ominous swell. Lulled into Out To Sea, the audience settle in, find their bearings. A giant spring near the ceiling is a space ray…Then it’s mighty loud…but the room allows clarity of sound…Quiet loud, loud quiet… so much detail. The films, the nuclear gulls, the subs, the waves, the air waves, the world, the bigger than you…projected over, across, slices of colour saturate the room. They sit amongst us, we sit with you… “Can you, yes you, hold the guitar?”….playful, engaging, menacing, funny, whites of your eyes close to mine. He keeps leaving the room, talking of the milk of human difference, indifference, brothers together. Every audience is different, some dance, some cry, some bounce on their seats with joy….A nourishing, expansive, detailed hug to end 2022 and a cathartic start to 2023. Bring it on.

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