Daughter | How to Disappear

Final film of 3 is released.! A trio of shorts from Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard for Daughter album How to Disappear.

1) Doing the Right Thing. 2) Numbers. 3) How.

Costume Design. Production style.


The Beechwood Airship Interviews

The Butcher of Common Sense – the mother of KlangHaus – has a chapter in Dan’s book below

This beauty of a book is a series of interviews with artists, musicians, actors, writers. It is a meditation on creativity & what it means to be an artist in 21st Century Britain. Available here and in many other places from 30th July. We will be  in conversation with Dan on Monday 3rd August at Belgravia Books SW1 and on Friday 7th August at The Wilderness Festival.


KlangHaus | LowerGround

here is a slide show of our recent R and D – 2 weeks of future plotting [it’s good down there . . ]

Currently on a 2 week residence in Somerset House .


We are making KlangHaus Research and Development. The building is generous and intricate and sits by the Thames.

We are extricating all we can from the inside and outside. Its grand down there . . .

Chris Wiegand put us in the top ten stage shows of the year..!

Edinburgh KlangHaus Reviews


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Click to read ‘Is this music?’ review

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Fest tunnel pic

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klang’s insides – for now . . . .

Playtime with the pictures  . . . .triptych klanghaus

The Caligari Corridor

Looking for Klanghaus. Up in the corridors of the small animal hospital , the show is beginning to build . . . .


Red Right Hand

Art Director for Dir. Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard – Scott Walker and Sunn 0))) collaboration.

Final scene hands for Soused shorts.

red handed

The Fog Gets The Horn

robin – that is magnificent . get a horn orchestra . . . . .!

Robin The Fog

D142948 Aleksander Kolkowski and the Denman exponential horn, with the Resonance FM studio in the background

Presented for your approval, here is last Sunday’s OST Show Denman Horn Special, recorded live at the Science Museum and broadcast, depending on your geographical location, either down a colossal 27-foot exponential horn or on Resonance 104.4FM. Regular host Jonny Trunk was off down the seaside, doubtless trying to bag himself a coconut, or treat the family to some retro donkey-riding action; so once again I was charged with the task of steering Resonance FM’s soundtrack / library music programme through the choppy arts radio waters.

I’ve presented the OST show on numerous occasions, but never before had a 27-foot horn to play with, so I was determined that this special edition of the programme should have a bespoke playlist specifically designed to best honour Roderick Denman’s enduring legacy; not forgetting the efforts of Aleks…

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